Steelicons_6.2.7 - 78.1 MB 

Belo_v10.3_P - 21.9 MB

Transparent_16.2_P - 10.2 MB

PitchBlack_v55.2_P - 57.0 MB

PitchBlack_S_v11.0_P - 36.4 MB

VaLeRie_v8.10.0_P - 75.6 MB

BigBlu_v9.0_P - 92.3 MB

BigBlu_v24.0_P - 96.6 MB

Calypso_v1.0_P - 38.3 MB

Quetzal_Dark_v1.3.9_P - 77.3 MB

Swift_Black_v18.9-n_P - 26.8 MB

Swift_Black_v18.9-o_P - 26.3 MB

Swift_Dark_v18.9-o_P - 28.2 MB

Swift_Dark_v18.9-n_P - 28.0 MB

Swift_for_Samsung_v7.1-o_P - 29.9 MB 

Swift_for_Samsung_v7.1-n_P - 29.4 MB 

Frozy_3.1 - 16.0 MB

Iggy_Icon_Pack_4.0.1 - 25.0 MB

Mono Art_v21.1_P - 23.7 MB

Flatty_Icon_Pack_4.6.1 - 6.3 MB

Immaterialis_7.9 - 33.2 MB

Minimal_Wallpapers_Pro-3 - 4.5 MB 

Popsicle_1.5 - 14.4 MB

Beluk-v7.2_build_72 - 39.5 MB 

Total_Launcher-Pro-v2.4.1_build_20401 - 3.4 MB

Minimo_2.8 - 7.8 MB

Retrorika_9.1 - 28.4 MB

Materialistik_10.7 - 28.2 MB

QMRpack_for_KLWP-v2017.Aug.30.15 - 99.3 MB

Substratum /Icon Pack Update Jul 5

Mx player Pro Sale for Rs7 in Germany instead of Rs370

Mx player Pro Sale for Rs7 in Germany instead of Rs370

How to buy it?

use your laptop/desktop for easisest method

1. use opera and turn on its vpn from its settings and set location to germany Or Use Any Germany VPN.

2. visit This Link and change your country to germany and also add any random local address

3. to be on safer side remove all current payment methods. i didn't had any so i am not sure if your current payment method will affect this process or not. you can remove them now or later if this doesn't work

4. go to google play store and try to buy mx player pro
price will be shown Rs370 but when you try to buy it then just before payment price will change to 0.10 euro. so just go ahead and buy it using your card.

You won't be able to change your country if you have google merchant account. merchant account means if you have ever setup for youtube earning or any sort of earning using your account. or if you published app on playstore or any activities like these two.

this trick should work on mobile as well just use opera vpn mobile app.....but i haven't tested it on mobile.....